How can I get paid what I’m owed?


If you want to do something about getting back wages you are owed you are both helping yourself and preventing others being victims in future. 

To get started it’s best to have as much of the following information as possible, for example:

  • Your employer’s name and address
  • Your most recent payslip (Do you get a payslip? This is what it should look like, link online here)
  • Your start date with your employer
  • Your end date with your employer (if your employment has ended)
  • Your employment contract or letter of appointment (if you have one)
  • Your award or enterprise agreement (if you know)

What steps to you take depend on:

  • Whether you are covered by National or WA employment laws (see link online here for details)
  • If you decide you want to get the pay you are owed, then you can decide how to best go about that from among several options
  • You might decide that you don't want to be identified or you want to make sure an employer who have not paid you is punished for breaking the law. You can report such a matter without given you name with options given below. 

Options if you don't know which system of employment law your pay should be decided under

Options if you know you are under National Employment law for your pay

Options if you know you are under WA employment law for your pay

Options to get back superannuation (retirement savings) you are owed

  • If you have not been paid superannuation (payments for retirement savings), you can find out more information and and lodge a matter online here.
  • You might also employ your own lawyer to represent you in an industrial court or before an Industrial Commission to get back money you may be owed. That will cost you some money.  If you wish we can refer you to get some early advice at no cost, but to take your matter further you will have to pay some yourself.  For this option, please complete your story here.

Links to Fair Work Commission forms in different languages for Unfair Dismissal, General Protections, and other Employment Law issues such as underpayment, are available here.